About us

Margarita Ramos

For more than 20 years Margarita Ramos Ph.D, has given lectures to teachers and parents on topics that support and strengthen the comprehensive educational development of children and youth at high risk of educational failure, with or without disabilities, so that they may have a full life and satisfactory.


Margarita Ramos was born in Chicago, Illinois, where her parents decided to return to Mexico, their country of origin, at seven. She married Jorge Ramos, whom she calls the «love of her life,» and at 21 years of marriage, they were blessed with a wonderful son. Margarita completed her university education as a Bachelor of Psychology at UANL, founding her passion for education and learning problems with the topic of her thesis, Dyslexia. Then, she completed a Master of Education with an emphasis in Special Education at Texas A&M University of Commerce. Knowing the approach of neuroscience in the learning process through Special Education, with her husband’s support, they decided to deepen their training by registering for a Doctoral Program in Science in Special Education, specifically in Learning Disabilities at the University of Texas at Austin.

Margarita Ramos has dedicated her life to nurturing it with the training and empathy necessary to turn it into hope for many children and their families. Her passion is not only about teaching. It is about knowing and analyzing the mental structure that triggers that process so essential and at the same time so complex of the human being: learning. Indeed, Medina-Ramos Global Education Group aims to develop research-based education actions to better our children and youth’s future in the present.

Manuel Medina

Manuel J. Medina, is an innate educator with a passion for education in general and bilingualism in particular, and who is very close to his heart because it was instilled by his parents Manuel and Lilia Medina who emigrated from the Mexican city from Monterrey when the future Chicago teacher was only four years old.


Manuel Medina speaks a clear Spanish and without problems finding words and explains the formula to be able to preserve the mother tongue despite having developed in academic, university and government environments where only English is spoken, “I think it was very important that my parents insisted that he always speak Spanish at home”, it was not easy for him and sometimes he felt unsure of being able to keep it due to pressure,“I felt different when I attended schools where there were no Latinos”, however over the years, their own parents were able to master English well, without ceasing to insist that Spanish is the language of the house. And he affirms with interest that “at that time there were no bilingual programs. For my parents, language and culture have always been very important. I also learned from them the importance of helping others.

The importance of education in any community begins at home, with the parents, a basic idea that Medina has cultivated since he studied at the University of Illinois, graduating with a degree in Education, he has been a high school teacher at the now defunct Froebel High School, later in Walsh and Whittier elementary schools, all three located in the Pilsen community, until he reached different positions in the City’s college system, first as deputy director of the Office of Training and later as director of the same, which gave him the opportunity to meet Arturo Velásquez, when he served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Colleges and when the late Mexican leader led personal efforts to help Latino students through the Arturo Velásquez Scholarship Fund.  As deputy director of said office, Medina offered himself as an example to instill in parents the importance of getting involved with other parents in favor of bilingual education. He acknowledges his parents’ concern, the hard work they put in to get their children to school and graduate.  Nowadays, Manuel Medina is the President of the Board of Directors of Pilsen Neighborhood where as always, he supports the well-being of the latino- community in many areas of their lives, by actions that strength their identity and culture.

In 2018, Manuel Medina after working for more than 25 years with Margarita Ramos toward the betterment of education among latino-communities, they decided to establish international partnerships with CBO’s and schools to provide quality, innovative, and research-based educational services that improve the quality of life and positive interactions amongst people from a diverse cultural background: “Medina-Ramos Global Education Group” with a vision of empower the community’s global culture with education services that lead to enhancing the spirit of tolerance, love, and respect in a diverse community.