Who we Are

Establish international partnerships with CBO’s and schools to provide quality, innovative, and research-based educational services that improve the quality of life and positive interactions amongst people from a diverse cultural background.

What we do

With a vision of empower the community’s global culture with education services that lead to enhancing the spirit of tolerance, love, and respect in a diverse community.

Programs & Services

Provide research-based programs that could be used as a means to equalize everyone in education needs and assistance for all. Every applied students’ program has placement or initial evaluation that allows the identification of initial levels of intervention and continuous evaluation and improvement to prove the effectiveness.

Professional Development

We offer focus groups with teachers on diverse topics and school projects, trainings, workshops, conferences or presentations, and webinars in every aspect of teaching from K-12.  Our services are always offered in Spanish and English.

Parenting Programs

The purpose of the Parenting Program is to empower parents with tools that allow them to increase the enjoyment of parenting and reach a fulfilled family life.